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Sara VonGillern aka "Mis' Von" is a choreographer and performance artist based in Los Angeles, CA.  Her expertise includes a variety of dance styles, aerial arts, prop manipulation as well as  producing and directing movement for TV/film, commercials and live performance. She is a dance educator who teaches locally in studios and private schools as well as a master teacher who travels internationally to share her knowledge and passion for dance. 

One of her most recent works as a choreographer is Maddie Ziegler's commercial for her clothing line "Maddie."  She also choreographed and starred in PooPourri's music video commercial "Imagine Where You Can Go."   Other choreography credits include Aziz Ansari, Vanilla Ice, SOFI, Jensen Reed, Kelleia, Alexz Johnson, "America's Best Dance Crew" and "So You Think You Can Dance."

Sara specializes in hip hop dance elements including B-girling, House, Waacking, Locking and Popping. She began dancing at the age of four and has formal training in not only hip hop but also Jazz, Ballet, Modern and Tap.  She most recently competed on MTV's All Star Season of "America's Best Dance Crew" Season 8 with returning champions, We Are Heroes.  Her versatility was showcased on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance: Season 3," as a top 8 finalist and in the 50 city US tour following the show in 2007. She has danced for musical artists like Ne-Yo, Justin Beiber, Usher, Andy Grammar, Vanilla Ice, Wally Lopez, Jasmine V, Tariah, T. Gouche, The Strokes, Jensen Reed, MC Hammer, LMFAO, Big Time Rush, Dawn Richards, SOFI, Avril Lavigne, Alexz Johnson & comedianAziz Ansari.  She has also performed on shows like "American Idol" and the "Ellen DeGeneres Show,"  "The Talk", FOX's TV Sitcom "The New Girl,"  and NBC's Sitcom "Superstore."  She has danced for NBA Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Clippers and performs in the Southern CA area with her crews The Syrenz and Outer Circle Crew. 

Sara also specializes in aerial arts including Tissu, Lyra, Hammock as well as group apparatus.   She trains and performs with her LA-based cirque/dance company, The Furies LA.  She has showcased her skills as an aerialist at Coachella 2014 & 2015Lightning in a BottleLucidity, Bringing Back Broadway 2015 with Wilderbeat the Historic Los Angeles Theater as well as private events for Google, Playboy Mansion, LA Live: Dark Nights, PooPourri and Calamingos Ranch

Sara also has a strong love and passion for martial arts and flow.  She is proficient at a number of fire tools including ropedart, contact staff, fire fans as well as poi. 

Sara currently teaches dance in Los Angeles at Your Neighborhood Studio.  She also works as dance educator at Windward and Marlborough High Schools.  She has taught master classes worldwide including Japan, Australia and Canada.